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Total downtime since 01/01/2019: 05h21m47sec (>99.9% Uptime)

Last downtimes

Additional downtimes not explicitly stated / not included in the total downtime:

Two quarterly node reboots for updates, taking less than 3 minutes each.

micro plans

Micro plans share the same public IP so you will only have access to a random port range, if you would like certain ports to be available to you, please tell me before ordering and I’ll check if they’re available. Micro plans also share the same CPU Cores. You have no dedicated CPU time on those plans, so if half of the other clients decide to run an expensive script at 3pm, you will notice a slowdown at 3pm. That being said, at this point in time, even those plans are faster than what other providers offer on their completely oversold servers.

Link Speed is 1gbit. Traffic is fair use (i consider 250gb/week fair)

  Micro S Micro M Micro L
CPU Shared Shared Shared
RAM 256MB 512MB 768MB
Monthly 2$ 3$ 4$

basic plans

Basic plans are where things get interesting: You get dedicated CPU Cores and your very own IP address! Enjoy.

Link Speed is 1gbit. Traffic is fair use (i consider 500gb/week fair)

  Basic S Basic M Basic L
CPU 1 2 3
RAM 1 GB 2 GB 3 GB
SSD 10 GB 15 GB 20 GB
IPs 1 1 1
Monthly $ 5$ 7.50$ 10$

pro plans

Do you really need this kind of power?

Link Speed is 1gbit. Traffic is fair use (i consider 750gb/week fair)

  Pro S Pro M
CPU 4 8
SSD 30 GB 60 GB
IPs 1 1
Monthly $ 15$ out of stock

How do I order?!

  1. Join discord and message me (trbl)
  2. Either subscribe using the button below or manually pay every month.

This blog (and everything I write about) is hosted on a 2$ server. see my plans