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dall-e ./symbolism, meditation, prayer, psychedelics

people spend decades in monestaries living like monks - yet never learn. You were closer to enlightenment before seeking it than after starting the practice. And the practice just attempts to break you.

Strongman Breaking Chains, by CSA Images ./freedom

The less money you need the more free you are. Don't play a game that can't be won.

Stable Diffusion ./LLMs solved the search problem

Google has become the primary source of information for people worldwide, replacing traditional libraries. Now, AI is replacing Google for the same. LLMs solved the 'Search Problem'

South Park ./nginx mirroring

What if you wanted to do something with requests but you don't want to use Javascript? You can use Nginx to do that!

South Park ./coding is dead

Github Copilot is more useful than a Junior today and a Senior tomorrow. Frontend Web Developers will be out of a job first.

George Carlin (actor/comedian) RIP ./education

You will be a good corpse - or 'My opinion on this form of child abuse'. Featuring AI generated text.

the atlas launch rocket for gemini capsules. ./introducing: atlas - my gemini server

The gemini protocol is quite simple - but gemini alone isn't enough - in order to support file uploads I had to implement the titan protocol. Then I discovered the spartan protocol and implemented that too.

uoou - ./the http web is a lost cause

Nobody but google can afford to develop a web browser. Feature-creep of browsers lead to them being more complex than the fking Linux kernel. Multiplayer games using WebSockets using WebGL and gamepad support w/ WebUSB. Even headers can track you.

Anbernic... what the fuck is that name... sounds like a fucking disease... anyway.. moving on... ./the RG351MP

Recently I've purchased a RG351MP and a 50W solar panel to play some old games from my childhood during WW3 when I'm bored in the bunker. I made the right choice, BUT THE D-PAD SUCKS!

I actually made this one myself w/ GIMP! ./how VPNs are not helping you


I actually made this one myself w/ GIMP! ./which browser for privacy

Edge, Chrome, Firefox, Brave, Dissenter, Tor Browser, Chromium,... which browser(s) will keep you from being tracked across the internet? Neither.

./imposter-syndrome as competitive edge

what if I told you that imposter-syndrome actually gives you a competitive edge in the first couple of years?

./simplifying our image hosting service

C# is great and all, but not required if you learn how to use the tools linux comes with. Let's remove all of that shit.

image from @ ./ssh is power

ssh can do far more than just connect you to a remote shell. far. more.

this isn't sketchy... we're just organizing unorganized public lists into a database... ./unlimited free proxies

pastebins + proxy tester = unlimited free proxies. Let's write everything we need and build a database of working proxies. Starting with a simple C# console app that checks if a proxy is working.

./creating an image hosting web service

this blog needs images. let's build an image hosting service and an app to upload them.

Awake For Ever in a Sweet Unrest - Ian Bliss ./the birth of a programmer

How did I become a programmer? Well, it all started about 12 years ago, when a series of coincidences would change my life forever. Let me tell you a story...


./ Hosting

Fast, affordable hosting for your stuff! We offer a variety of hosting plans to fit your needs. From KVM to LXC to Web Hosting, we've got you covered.


The ultimate XMPP bot! Some of its features including Anti-Spam, Social Credit Score, Searx, Images, Videos, Crypto, Translation, Graphs, and more!

./Radio Propaganda Broadcast! Conspiracy Theories, Philosophy, and more!

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Obligatory ATOM feed for the blog. Subscribe to it to get notified when new posts are published.

./public services

We provide a couple of services to the general public, free of charge, open to anyone, with almost no restrictions.

./private services

If you're a member of the fortress, you have access to the these services

./The Terence McKenna Archive Speech 2 Text AI generated Text Transcripts of everything Terence McKenna has said.

./The Alan Watts Archive Speech 2 Text AI generated Text Transcripts of everything Alan Watts has said.