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Strongman Breaking Chains, by CSA Images
Strongman Breaking Chains, by CSA Images


rule of thumb

iq distribution midwit meme

The majority is not very intelligent -> The majoriy does certain things -> Doing those things is not very intelligent.

obvious examples

Stupid Majority Intelligent Minority
they want more money they want to need less of it
they go into debt for liabilities they go into debt for assets
they need full time jobs they work for fun
they have university degrees they have real skills
they believe others they question themselves
they do what authority commands they do, given reason to
they are on social media they are not
they watch mainstream media they do not
they parrot what they are being told they have original thoughts
they vote they abstain

The majority of people will even stop at a red pedestrian light and not cross an empty road until the light turns green. They are barely autonomous, and just like sheep, as soon as you walk across the red light, they will follow behind you.

how to be free

First of all you need to understand how and why you were programmed.

You were programmed to want money. Everyone has a natural tendency to be greedy. Whatever you have will become boring and you will want more. You want that new iPhone every year because its better, or a new computer or a bigger house, a better fucking fridge, whatever you have, eventually something better will catch your eye and you will want it. For -some- reason. That’s how humanity made it this far. Survivial is enough for animals and natural selection, but not for us. We want to perpetually improve things and make them better. Capitalism is an ingenius system to encourage that behavior and steers whole societies into that direction by exploiting this innate desire.

Obviously, businesses exploit that in ways more insidious than just making better products. They use all kinds of dirty tricks to keep you consooming. From psyops to planned obsolencence. They will get you to consume one way or the other. After all, they are in the business of making money. And you are working 40h/week to spend it with them.


Everyone wants you to “get a job” and not be “lazy” or a “freeloader”. Usually those people are the most vocal supporters of politicians who do no useful work whatsoever.

Being a politician and being on welfare is almost exactly the same thing: both are paid by the tax payer, but only one of them lies to us on TV. Get what job exactly? During the Covid19 Pandemic most people lost their jobs because they were deemed non-essential and rightfully so. Most jobs are not required to be done, they just exist to keep the system going.

Small businesses are obsolete, the megacorps have taken over. You can get everything delivered from amazon, your groceries get delivered by the big supermarket chains, you can order everything that’s essential from some big company. It doesn’t matter what your opinion on those big corporations is, they provide convenience no small business can provide and the majority of people want that convenience.

They won. And the sooner people accept that, the sooner they can stop wasting their time and energy doing useless jobs that are reminiscent of occupational therapy, just keeping people busy so they don’t think about how fucked up the state of affairs is.

Now, you could get a non-essential job, like software development. What are you going to build? Most likely something a marketing agency convinced enough people they need and not something useful. If you’re fine wasting your life on something like that be my guest.

You see, at some point you realize that there’s no real demand for any low-tech entrepreneurship anymore. The companies that do those things nowdays have been founded 100 years ago and live off of government contracts, own or still rent their stores and workshops at pre-war prices. If they had to rent or pay off a mortgage nowdays, they’d simply not be able to stay open.

And if you’re not in the top ~5% of the IQ distribution, you have no chance of competing in any high-tech field. So you’re stuck with the low-tech stuff, and there’s no demand for that.

breaking the loop

Step 1: Cut all your costs

Buy food in bulk. Buy everything you can 2nd-hand. Do not rely on any services like plumbers or hairdressers, instead learn how to do that stuff yourself. Pick up a new hobby like soldering or woodworking, get a toolbox. Become a man that will just solve the task at hand without relying on a better man.

If you want to invest in something and you take a loan or credit, you are not investing, you are making the bank invest and the bank will make you work for decades to pay it back. If you currently have debt, pay it off as soon as possible. You can not be free if you are in debt. You are a slave to the bank. Do not go into debt before you actually know the difference between an asset and a liability.

If you think a house you live in is an asset you do not understand the difference.

Cancel all subscriptions. Cancel all contracts. Get a cheaper phone plan, get a cheaper internet plan. You don’t need cable or Netflix. Do not pay for anything you can get for free. Learn how to get things for free. Before you make any purchase that isn’t necessary to survive, wait 14 days. After 14 days you will realize that you don’t need it. If you still want it, buy it. From my experience, you won’t buy most things because you forget you wanted them.

Step 2: move to a cheap place

Get a cheaper apartment. Embrace complete minimalism. Get a Bed, Chair, Table and rice cooker. That’s all you need to survive, you’d be surprised how versatile a rice cooker is. You don’t even need a fridge. Turns out half of the year its cold enough outside to just put stuff outside your windowbed to refrigerate it. Don’t bring all of your old stuff, sell it all. You don’t need it.

Steo 3: quit wage slavery

At this point your cost of living should be so low, even government welfare is enough to sustain you. You can now quit your job and live off of welfare. You can now do whatever you want. You can work on your own projects and learn new skills. You are almost free. Take small jobs on demand, whatever you are qualified for, get full time jobs, quit them after a month or two, once you made enough money to do what you want to do and spend the rest of the time on learning and practicing new skills.

Avoid working for money. Work for experience or for the joy of doing, learning, creating or helping others. You never have to worry about if the job pays enough now. You can do whatever job you want to do. The money you do get, you invest into assets and/or new skills that will save you money in the long run.

Step 4: freedom

Once you’ve learned enough skills to make money on your own, or get any job you want, you can basically pack your shit whenever you want and leave. That’s freedom. You can go anywhere you want, you can do whatever you want. The job you accepted turns out to be shit? Just quit. You don’t need the money anyway. You just took the job to learn something or to get money for an investment. Just get a different job.


And if you want to learn more about how the system works, I recommend reading “DIE SHEEPLE DIE” by The Honorable DJ Hives. It’s a free ebook and I’ve attached it below. It’s written in a way the stupid majority can not read. It is FNORD.

“Every appearance of the [misspelled] word subconsciously generates a feeling of uneasiness and confusion, and prevents rational consideration of the subject. This results in a perpetual low-grade state of fear in the populace. This in turn perpetuates the need for Government, because without fear, people don’t need Government.” – The Illuminatus Trilogy (Novel, 1974).

DIE SHEEPLE DIE! by The Benevolent DJ Hives



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